Sunday, February 10, 2019

Blog Post Week 3 Part 2

1.  Albertson’s
3.  Facebook, Snapchat, Pinterest, Twitter, YouTube, and Instagram are all readily visible.
4.  Albertson’s make extensive use of all their social media sites with excess of 1,000 users in all platforms.
5.  a. Facebook – February 9, 2019
     b. Snapchat – November 2, 2018
     c. Pinterest – Cannot determine without logging in
     d. Twitter – February 9, 2019
     e. YouTube – April 24, 2018
     f. Instagram – Cannot determine without logging in
6.  It appears to me that Albertson’s focuses heavily on Facebook and Pinterest more than the others.

1.  In-N-Out Burger
3.  Facebook
4.  In-N-Out Burger does not appear to make extensive use of social media to further their business agenda.
5.  Facebook – January 3, 2019
6.  Facebook is the only social media for In-N-Out Burger

1.  Volkswagen of Murrieta
3.  No visible social media sites on their web page but Volkswagen of Murrieta does have a Facebook page.
4.  Volkswagen of Murrieta uses Facebook as an advertising platform.
5.  Facebook January 6, 2019
6.  Facebook appears to be the primary social media platform for Volkswagen of Murrieta.

1.  Al and Ed’s Autosound
3.  Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Twitter, and GooglePlus are all readily visible.
4.  Al and Ed’s Autosound makes extensive use of Instagram.  This is their primary social media platform.
5.  a. Facebook – December 10, 2018
     b. Instagram – Cannot determine without logging in
     c. Twitter – August 18, 2018
     d. YouTube – Non-specific date 10 months ago.
     e. GooglePlus – The URL for GooglePlus is inoperable.
6.  Instagram is the primary social media platform for Al and Ed’s Autosound.

Blog Post Week 3 Part 1(Glenn Mosely)

1.  Have you ever experienced difficulty communicating with a business?

Most definitely.  I am surprised by the manner in which some businesses will actually make it difficult for you to contact them in their endeavor to push customers and clients towards websites to obtain the information they seek.  These businesses assert that customers and clients will be able to navigate their websites with remarkable simplicity and be amazed by the ease.  I assume that they believe the cost savings gained by reducing the customer service footprint results in both higher profit margins and satisfied customers. SMH.

2.  Does social media make it easier to get noticed or get your problem solved?

Social media can be a very effective advertising platform for the savvy entrepreneur and help them get attention from potential customers.

3.  Have you ever had a positive experience communicating with a business through social media?
If it was your own business on social media, how would you respond to positive or negative comments?
Describe what made your experience negative or positive.  Break content into paragraphs.

I can only recall the use of YELP as a means to communicates with businesses via social media.  I have used YELP to provide feedback to businesses whose services or products I have used.  My responses reflected both positive and negative experiences.

As a prospective entrepreneur, I would give serious consideration to all feedback that I receive on social media.  I would be deliberate in ensuring that I show appreciation for positive feedback and explore opportunities to gain repeat business and new clients.  If I received negative remarks, I would be careful to not take the remarks personally.  I believe negative feedback provides the small business owner an opportunity to strengthen weaknesses in his venture.  Where drawbacks exist beyond the scope of my business I would seek to focus the customer on those benefits my business offers and do that which is reasonable to satisfy the needs of the customer.

I specifically recall that my most favorable impression of a business was with a local dentist named Charles White.  He is an exceptionally skilled craftsman with over 40 years of experience.  He has a well-trained a highly professional staff that work from a clean and well-organized office that is not a mill trying to push through as many people through as quickly as possible.  Dr. White has a wonderful since of humor; his wild stories are enough to make me look forward to going to the dentist.  I gave him 5 stars on YELP.

On the negative side, I recall the unfortunate experience of being sent by a prospective employer to United Healthworks for a physical exam.  The staff was very indifferent and the wait time was extremely long.  I was holding my bladder for an extended period to provide a required urine sample.  After approximately 90 minutes of waiting time, this situation was descending towards an emergency.  I asked the UH staff if I could be allowed to give my urine sample and then continue to wait to be seen by the licensed medical practitioner. They would not allow it!  After about another 30 passed I made an emergency trip to the toilet which did not go very well.  I had no choice but to leave after that little incident.  Since I did not provide the required urine sample while I was there, my application for employment was disqualified.  I gave UH the most scathing review on YELP that I could muster.

Monday, February 4, 2019

Blogs I Reviewed This Week

I reviewed and published comments on blogs belonging to Giuliana Lopez, David Vernon, and Michelle Jordan.

Thursday, January 31, 2019

Social Media Platforms

There are a growing number of media platforms that are geared towards personal use.  The giant amongst them is Facebook, the social networking giant launched by Mark Zuckerberg.  Twitter, a rapidly growing social network in which users communicate via brief messages called “tweets” was created by Jack Dorsey.  Instagram, used primarily for sharing videos and photos, is owned by Facebook.  LinkedIn is a social media site that is designed to connect professionals with similar interests.

Businesses can use any of the platforms listed above however what is considered the optimum choice will depend upon the critical factors such as market focus, business type, and advertising budget.  Most social media sites are equipped with complex algorithms that focus advertisements to potential customers within a predetermined range based upon a number of qualifying factors.  Facebook does this exceptionally well providing ads that closely resemble postings likely to be viewed by the user.  I believe that Facebook is the optimum choice as an advertising medium for those businesses with budgets capable of absorbing the higher costs.

I don’t know much about the effectiveness of Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn as advertising mediums because I am not an active user of these platforms.  However, my brief research of these alternatives to Facebook demonstrates that all have useful potential.  The optimum platform will ultimately be determined by the specific needs of the advertiser.

Tuesday, January 29, 2019

I reviewed blogs belonging to David Vernon, Giuliana Lopez, and Michelle Jordan.

Wednesday, January 23, 2019

Glenn M - Why I Chose This Theme

I didn't take very long in making a selection of the theme that I would use.  The primary point considered as I weighed the various options was ease upon the eyes of the viewer.  For me, screen displays work better that are somewhat darker in color.  These tend to reflect a little less light into my eyes as a viewer which results in less ocular fatigue.

In addition to ease upon the eyes, I also wanted to have a theme that was functional and easy to navigate.  I wanted to avoid unnecessary implements that might cause the viewer to stray.  I considered desirable the capacity for the theme to assist in guiding the viewer into the blog, stirring his interest for more, and then create an easy segue into the contents of the blog.

I think my choice was a pretty good one.  I look forward to learning how to make it all work nicely.